Kara Bird and Emma Halford-Busby

Our female friends are awesome. I’m sure yours are the same. We support each other, offer sympathy, talk through problems and can always be relied upon to be in each other’s corner. See Galentine’s Day

When I hear about women competing for a man (as if there aren’t enough of them to go around!) or being hyper critical of another woman’s dress sense or shape, I feel so sad. The world can be tough enough without us hurting each other for NO REASON! Whatever the woman looks like is really none of our business. The time spent being critical is taking up time that could be spent being happy or doing kind things for the people you love. Life is too short to spend precious time thinking ultimately negative and worthless thoughts. We are so much better.  

Sisterhood and its magic are going to have pride of place at the upcoming Practical Woman workshops where we will spend some time appreciating each other and thinking of ways we can do more.  

And finally, wouldn’t it be fabulous if one day it could be better and rather than sisters before misters or bros before hoes (ugh!) it could instead be sisters and misters banishing the hateful term ‘hoes’ forever.

“Howard made it very clear that my allegiance should be to male comrades before women who sell their bodies for money.”

The Big Bang Theory