In April, we gathered for the second Practical Woman workshop of the year, at Mears workshop in Islington.

The day began with a warm welcome from Practical Woman founder Kara followed by tea, coffee, and a chat about attendees DIY confidence levels.

Our resident carpentry expert Mel covered measuring basics and safety best practice as well as how to handle different wall types. After the introductory talk, attendees got the change to get familiar with the tools and practices of the trade before heading to the workshop to get practical.

Working together everyone had the chance to attach traditional and floating shelves, to plasterboard and brick walls. They ran into issues with misaligned drilling, visual considerations and bracket positioning but with practice and guidance accomplished the task.

On to the next challenge, a series of DIY troubleshooting exercises designed to give the women the skills to accomplish everyday tasks with ease from changing locks to assembling flatpack furniture and using a hacksaw.

After lunch, we welcomed our plumbing experts Jenny and Jo who guided the group through basic plumbing principles and parts identification.

The ladies learned how to fix dripping taps, toilets with flushing issues, sluggish radiators and much more. With our experts on hand, to answer questions not only about the task but also troublesome domestic DIY issues giving them the knowledge and confidence to use their new skills at home.

At the end of the day, the women discussed their improved confidence levels and received their certificates of achievement.

Big thanks to the Mears Group for providing the facilities and our experts for giving their time and expertise.

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