Tools of Change event at the Maya Centre

From our founder, Kara Bird

Last week, I had the honour and privilege to be invited to the ‘Tools of Change’ open evening at the Maya Centre.

I brought along my toolbox and together the group and I talked all things DIY. I was in my element and for the first time, flying solo! A year ago, I would not have even considered going to speak about DIY to a group of women. How times have changed!

I have realised in this past year that terminology and jargon aren’t the most important thing. What matters is having the confidence to stride forward, try new things and share knowledge. Don’t let worry or doubt stop you. Being intimidated by the professionals and put off by the jargon is a waste. No longer will I feel shy about getting the name of a spanner wrong (it was, in fact, a wrench as a woman pointed out!). It really doesn’t matter as long as you have a go.

It was a great experience and I enjoyed seeing how skilled the other women were or wanted to be.

This might just be the beginning of our relationship with the Maya Centre as we might go back and do a longer session in the future if that is what the women want. I hope they do.

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