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Practical Woman aims to:

  1. Give every woman the freedom to feel gorgeous and happy being herself
  2. Equip women to take the practical skills they’ve gained and continue to learn more
  3. Inspire and support every woman to give every task a go even when they haven’t done it before
  4. Stimulate women to look at how we are depicted in society (and the media) and how to raise our voice in protest to change it
  5. Empower women with links to beneficial and useful resources and information
  6. Give women space to explore consent so we can enjoy good safe sex
  7. Know what to do if we are harassed or assaulted and who can help us
  8. Benefit from feeling part of a sisterhood – support and strengthen each other & say no to body shaming and other hurtful and dangerous behaviour
  9. Convert anger and frustration into optimism and action. Equality is possible and together we can do it.
  10. Enable women to achieve, flourish, dream big and laugh so we can enjoy life on this beautiful planet.